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Lessons for Children Ages 6+

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Tennis follows the same idea as other youth sports like baseball or soccer -use kid-sized equipment. Kids learn baseball by first playing T-ball; they use shorter, lighter bats and larger, softer, balls. Kids learning soccer begin with a size 3 ball, not a full size 5 ball, and play on smaller fields with smaller goals.

Red, orange, and green tennis balls don't move as fast through the air and are easier to hit because they bounce into your child's strike zone. The red, orange and green balls remove the lob game kids would play with regular yellow balls that bounce higher than their shoulders.

Youth Progression tennis recommends smaller rackets that are easier for smaller hands to hold and smaller arms to swing. By using equipment that matches the size and strength of the player, the benefits are immediate and within a short time kids are rallying, playing, and excited to keep playing. That means kids will keep the ball in play longer and have more fun!

Information for Parents

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Afternoon lessons will run from January 6th to mid-April.  

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