Friday and Sunday Socials!

Welcome back to Social, Members!

Socials: Fridays 715-930pm and  Sundays 2-5pm

Sign up at the front desk or call the front desk 604.273.3631

Spring office hours Mon-Fri 10-30am-9pm, Sat/Sun 2:30-8:30pm




As a reminder, here are the Social Rules regarding court bookings and Social on the same day.

6. Except as permitted by Rule 8, players who have had a court booking earlier the same day that was not a Free Court, or who have a court booking later the same day, may not play Social.

7. A player may not switch between regular courts and social courts while social tennis is being played.

8. After the completion of Social, a member playing Social may claim a Free Court or make a regular booking later the same day.


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