Gold Star Program at the Richmond Tennis Club

(For youth aged 6yrs to 18yrs)

Cost - $159.00  $105.00 for winter season only

The Gold Star Program is a very special opportunity for any youth who wants to learn to play tennis and improve their skills.

Progressive Learning:

Our program uses the Tennis Canada Progressive method of coaching, which means that players develop with balls and court sizes that are suited for their age and skill level, which increases skill development and makes tennis fun to learn.

Full Year Program

The Gold Star program offers year round access to group coaching that maintains continuity and consistency. This is a key to development, because players need access to coaching and play on a continuing basis to really see improvement.

Low Fee - Less than $3 per hour!

There is a one time annual fee of $159.00, which provides the youth player with year round access. The Gold Star Program provides exceptional value, with a per hour cost of less than $3.00

The following activities are part of the Gold Star Program:

  • Set of group lessons begin in May
  • Supervised Play with the coaches during July and August (day and time depends on level)
  • BBQ and tennis event on a weekend in the summer - date to be confirmed
  • Small tennis tournament in August
  • Supervised Play with coach in the bubble on Saturday evenings from mid October to March


If you require further information, please contact the office at 604-273-3631. New participants welcome!

PDF icon  Gold Star Program Class Self Assessment (PDF)